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The Sun Doesn't Have to Set Yet on Trinidad and Tobago's Energy Industry

The importance of Trinidad and Tobago's "oil and gas industry cannot be understated. The industry has been the main driver of the country's social and economic development, accounting for an estimated 32% of... GPD." Not my words, but rather those of Stuart Young, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, in his  keynote address to the Energy Conference 2022 on June 1st 2022. He went on to state that, "Our hydrocarbons have provided us with much developmentally in the past decades since out independence and we must not allow ourselves to ignore or forget this". Unfortunately, the importance of T&T's energy industry to the country's development has been ignored and forgotten in recent years. Although the current  government came to power in 2015 warning that the "natural rates of decline and the absence of new [energy] discoveries are impacting on the major economic growth driver and our revenues" and promising "decisive action&quo